WiFi Security Guard

Quickly scan your wireless network, in order to find which stations are connected to it, using this reliable command line program.

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WiFi Security Guard Description

WiFi Security Guard is a simple to use application that allows you to monitor the stations that are connected to a network via WiFi. The program works from command prompt, being capable of automating several of its functions. It is a reliable security tool, allowing you to view the addresses of the connected stations.

Network monitoring tool

WiFi Security Guard allows you to scan the local network and find all the stations that are connected to it via WiFi. You may thus monitor the traffic in the network and identify stations that are not trusted or are blocked. It is a simplistic security tool which allows you to find all addresses of the connected stations with a few simple clicks.

The tool is designed to display the IP and MAC address for all the stations that it, along with their Status and a short description. Useful specifications such as “This is Your Local System” or “This is Your Router/Modem” are displayed for each entry.

Quick commands and automatic range finder

Even without a GUI, WiFi Security Guard is simple to operate, by any user. The tool runs from Command Prompt and as it opens, it displays the syntax of its functions. Thus, the “-a” command can automate the local network scan and result in displaying all the stations that are currently connected to it.

On the other hand, you may narrow the search using the function which scans only the specified IP address range. Simply type in the command shortcut, along with the address range, as indicated in the example.

On-screen help

Whenever you wish to view the command syntax again, you need to simply select the Help function and the text is displayed again. WiFi Security Guard is a reliable security tool and features multi-threaded ARP scan algorithms, designed to check the network within seconds. The package includes an installer, as well as a portable version.

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