Testo IRSoft Software

Evaluate infrared images captured with your thermal camera by using this handy application that provides you with several modules, including a report generator.

  • Testo IRSoft Software
  • Version :3.7.2894.30768
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Testo AG

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Testo IRSoft Software Description

If you own a thermal camera and want to analyze the recorded images or videos, you probably understand that doing so without appropriate tools can be a tedious, if not impossible task.

Fortunately, nowadays you can choose your favorite program from an extensive selection of specialized software solutions that can help you achieve quick, convenient results. One of them is Testo IRSoft Software.

Comprehensive user interface

This application comes with a comprehensive user interface that packs numerous functions, which are neatly organized. Therefore, you can access them without significant efforts by navigating to and exploring the corresponding menus, according to your needs.

However, since most of its functions are quite technical, you need to have advanced PC skills and a good understanding of certain thermal imaging concepts before you can fully benefit from its capabilities.

Analyze infrared images

You can turn to Testo IRSoft Software if you need a quick, efficient way to analyze image files captured with your thermal camera without significant efforts. In order to do so, you just need to provide the application with a supported document from your computer.

After importing a valid image, the application displays two versions of the same file: the original picture, for reference, and the thermal image. You can modify the temperature scale from the dedicated menu and also view thermal image markers, such as temperature, emissivity and reflected temperature. Clicking anywhere on the thermal image provides you with the markers mentioned above.

Supports live capture and report creation

Testo IRSoft Software can also help you analyze a live image by connecting to your supported device. Also, you can import video files by browsing to the corresponding category and connecting to your device or importing a suitable file.

More so, it is possible to create reports or open existing ones. You just need to navigate to the Report section and choose an option from the menu, according to your needs.

Handy infrared image and video analyzer tool

All things considered, Testo IRSoft Software is a reliable application that can help you analyze infrared images or videos efficiently by providing you with a wide variety of relevant tools. It comes with a comprehensive user interface, packs an extensive list of features and requires advanced PC skills in order to operate it to its full extent.

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