MAC Address Scanner

Clear-cut application which enables you to quickly scan your entire network or a single host, so as to obtain their MAC addresses.

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MAC Address Scanner Description

MAC Address Scanner is a simple software utility which was developed specifically in order to help individuals scan all computers on their network or a host, in order to find out their MAC addresses.

The installation process does not bring any surprises and is over in a few seconds. Upon its completion, you are greeted by a plain interface, which only consists of a few buttons and a panel where to display results.

If you are interested in bypassing the installation process, you should know there is also a portable version, Portable MAC Address Scanner.

In order to find out the MAC addresses of all computers connected to a network, you are required to input a range of IPs, and click the “Start Scan” button. The program will then show all results in the main window, as a list, along with IP, MAC and status.

The same actions can be taken to view the MAC address of a single host, the only difference being that you only have to input one IP.

The results can be saved to the hard drive, in several formats, including HTML, XML, CSV and TXT, for safe keeping or for further analysis at a later date.

Help contents are provided by the developers, and they happen to quite well organized and comprehensive, so that everybody can learn to use this tool to its full potential.

In conclusion, MAC Address Scanner is an efficient piece of software when it comes to finding out MAC addresses, be they for only one host or for the entire network. It is quite friendly to your system’s resources, has an intuitive environment and a good response time.

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