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Carry out fast and accurate search operations using advanced and meticulous filters, categorize scan results and view them in charts, generate complete reports, and more with this versatile application.

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VX Search Description

VX Search is an advanced software application built specifically for helping you perform thorough search operations in multiple locations of your computer. It supports profiles with different settings, charts, reports, and an advanced file transfer function.

Search profiles with meticulous filters

The app sports a clean and straightforward layout that allows you to build search profiles which can be saved and reused future sessions. These contain various filters (e.g. filename, extension, creation date, text string, HEX pattern, JPEG EXIF Tag, file attributes, size, full path), target locations (e.g. all hard disks, network shares), folder exclusions, and numerous conditions for filters (e.g. Contains, Begins or Ends with, Equals).

Customize the app’s behavior easily

When it comes to configuring the file search options, you can make the tool stop the search process when it reaches a user-defined value, and limit the number of directory and file search threads.

VX Search lets you pause or stop the scan task, perform file transfers with advanced filters just like in the search profiles, copy file names and details to the Clipboard, view file properties (e.g. directory, size), as well as open the target’s location in the file explorer.

Sort search results, view charts, and create reports

Other notable characteristics are represented by the possibility to sort the search results by extension, size, creation time, file type, user name, or other criteria, as well as check out pie or bar charts by taking into account these features, which can be printed or copied to the Clipboard. Last but not least, you can compile and save file search reports to HTML file format, enable notification sounds, and back up the current configuration to a file.

Evaluation and conclusion

During our testing we have noticed that VX Search carries out a task extremely quickly, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process. CPU and RAM consumption was less than we expected, so the app shouldn’t hamper system performance.

To conclude, VX Search offers a handy set of parameters for helping you perform search operations using various filters. If you are looking for advanced options, you can check out the professional version of the program.

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