VX Search Pro

Search for files on multiple hard disks, network servers or folders by taking advantage of the various scanning rules this application provides.

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VX Search Pro Description

VX Search Pro is a software application which provides a simple means of looking for files on your hard drive, sorting them and creating reports pertaining to them.

Surprise-free setup and organized environment

The installation process is simple and does not offer to download any new items that are not actually necessary for the program to work fully. Once you wrap it up, you are greeted by a well-structured and minimal interface. It is comprised of a menu bar, several buttons, and a few panes to view search locations, results and stats. All users can find their way around it, including those with little or no previous experience with the IT world. Moreover, extensive Help contents can be accessed online.

Search parameters

This software utility enables you to look for files according to name, extension, full path, category, size, attributes, username, last accessed date, HEX pattern, EXIF data and nested rules. You can use wildcards, regular expressions or keywords containing, beginning or ending with particular elements. Moreover, you should know it is possible to create search profiles.

Sort results and generate reports

Results are going to be displayed in the main window along with details such as name, path, size on disk and last modified date and time. Aside from that, they can be categorized according to extension, size, creation time, user name and so on, while you can also generate pie or bar charts regarding them. Reports can also be created and saved to the hard drive, as HTML, CSV, TXT, XML, PDF and SQL files.

It is possible to back up and restore all your information, so as to prevent sudden data loss, enable e-mail and sound notifications, as well as view and customize keyboard shortcuts.

Bottom line

To conclude, VX Search Pro is an efficient piece of software when you are interested in finding files in a more efficient manner. The interface is intuitive, the system’s performance is not going to be impeded, Help contents are provided and we did not detect any errors or crashes in our tests.

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