VX Search Enterprise

Perform advanced file search operations on your computer, databases or network drives with this complex and reliable application.

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VX Search Enterprise Description

VX Search Enterprise is a professional and highly advanced software solution designed to provide you with the means to run extensive and detailed lookup operations on a variety of storage spaces, including local directories, network shares or databases.

Straightforward appearance and a handy Help documentation

The program displays a fairly clean and intuitive GUI, its self-explanatory functions requiring little additional information in order to use them properly.

Nonetheless, VX Search Enterprise comes with a hefty help documentation, enabling you to get the most out of its capabilities and ensure you find every last file that you need, regardless of where it is hiding.

Perform complex searches on your PC, network share or database

In order to run a new task, you will need to define the targeted location, be it ‘Directory or Network Share’, ‘All Computer Hard Disks’, ‘Servers or NAS Devices’ as well as ‘All Servers on the Network’, indicating the corresponding path. However, when working with a database, firstly you are required to connect to it, providing the appropriate login credentials.

Subsequently, you need to specify the criteria, for instance filename, size, attributes, hex pattern, text string or category, which contain, equal, end or begin with a term you specify. Moreover, the ‘Options’ section helps you further refine the search, being able to exclude certain directories or send an email or a notification to a preferred address when the results are retrieved.

Within moments, the matching items are retrieved and displayed in the ‘File Search Report’, allowing you to categorize them by extension, file size or type, creation date, username, or other means. You can even view the results in a chart, for a better understanding of what they mean.

A useful file finder with multiple customizable criteria

All things considered, VX Search Enterprise proves to be a full-featured application that can successfully assist you in conducting complex lookup tasks, targeting multiple storage types and enabling you to quickly find the item you need.

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