A user-friendly and efficient software utility designed mainly for children, helping them create animations while learning basic programming notions

  • Scratch
  • OS :Windows,Mac,Android
  • Publisher :MIT Media Lab

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Scratch Description

It is important for children to be intellectually engaged while they are young. Even when they are playing games, be it in real life or electronically, it is good for them to also learn things while having fun.

Scratch is an application that fits that purpose perfectly. It is a simplified programming language that aims to teach children the basics of designing their own stories and animations with simple scripts.

How it works
The scripts mentioned earlier work like puzzle pieces. In order for them to work with one another, the two pieces must also fit together. These scripts can be for motion, sound, events, control, variables and more.

Based on their shape, children can quickly figure out which piece can be first in a string, what can follow after that and what should come at the end. Whenever they want to try out the combination that they’ve put together, they can simply click on it and it will play out in the stage area.

Customizing the stage
The stage can be customized in various ways. First of all, the backdrop can be replaced with all sorts of landscapes, either from outdoor or indoor. If you cannot find one you like, you can also upload or paint your own.

Aside from the backdrop, we also have the sprites that perform the actions from the scripts. Just like previously, they can be chosen from a list, manually drawn, or uploaded.

Scratch also has sounds that the characters can make, depending on the script. Again, they can be selected or edited, and if you wish you can also add sounds from the drive.

A great application for children
Scratch does a great job of combining the idea of programming with playing a video game. Not only can children have fun with it, but they can learn some valuable basic principles that can help them later on in life.

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