VX Search Server

Create thorough search processes that can be accessed by a client, save reports and create recurrent events using a large variety of customizable criteria.

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VX Search Server Description

Amongst other domains of activities it serves, the computer can simply be used to store large quantities of info found in documents. This makes it difficult to identify items of interest in the nick of time, but there are dozens of specialized utilities in this regard. One such application is VX Search Server which enables you to quickly locate nearly any file on your system or others connected to the same network.

Intuitive, well-organized interface

You are greeted by a modern, simple, yet intuitive interface, in spite all of the functions you can take advantage of. Based on jobs, you can create multiple scenarios by which the application to conduct search processes, with the possibility to also make them recurrent.

Unfortunately, the application is not meant for helping you out when your memory fails to provide a specific song title or simple file with an odd name. Using in this regard can take some time, the main target being that where a search process is a routine in day-to-day activities.

Various search criteria to set up

With this in mind, the application provides advanced searching criteria that is incredibly easy to set up. A drop-down menu lets you select the type, which can be file name, extension, date related details, contained text, image tags and more. Depending on your choice, you also need to specify corresponding modifiers, like whether or not text string is contained in a file, as well as values that the whole process depends on.

You can create multiple such criteria in a single job, and once the application stars to search your computer, the result is gathered within seconds. All jobs are enlisted in the main window, with the possibility to trigger them again or create schedules according to their criteria.

Issue reports and save command lists

In addition, you can issue various reports that can be set to display the overall distribution of files looked up, or the amount of space they take on your hard disk drive. In case processing is needed, the application lets you export to several formats. What’s more, you can export a list of search criteria along with all preset options for later use.

To end with

All in all, VX Search Server is a powerful, specialized application meant to eliminate routine from search processes, as well as greatly reduce the time and effort needed to find files of interest. Options put at your disposal make the application perfectly blend in large office environments due to options to retrieve from other computers as well.

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