USB Monitor Pro

A comprehensive application that monitors information and performance of your USB drivers, and allows you to trace and remove errors.

  • USB Monitor Pro
  • Version :2.8
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :FabulaTech Inc

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USB Monitor Pro Description

From a technical point of view, working with a computer implies keeping an eye on the way devices interact through connected ports. This automatically implies multiple testing sessions, and with applications like USB Monitor Pro, real-time feedback is obtained on any activity detected through USB ports.

Monitor in and out USB activity

The application makes it easy to track all grabbed data, with a large table showing each activity captured in real-time, as well as two additional panels to view USB pipe and buffer structure, and HEX, ASCII, or Unicode text. The upper toolbar puts all general functions at a mouse click away, so accommodation becomes a walk in the park.

You start off by creating a new session, in which you’re guided by a wizard, in a step by step configuration process. All active USB ports are displayed, with a quick filter option to show devices only. Only one target can be selected per session, but multiple instances can run at a time. For a device, advanced settings are available for bulk or interrupt transfers, or isochronous transfers.

Search function, and filters

The process automatically starts to monitor all activity, with each in or out signal detected being displayed along with info like number, type, direction, time, and status, with the possibility to filter according to these column headers. A first quick example is a USB mouse target, with input and output signal as you just move it around.

You can obtain more info for a specific option from the edit menu. A search function helps you quickly find strings of interest, which especially comes in handy if you’re tracking an issue. Unfortunately, all analysis needs to be done on the spot, because the only save option is as an entire project, without the possibility to generate reports.

In conclusion

All in all, USB Monitor Pro helps you keep USB ports under close watch, as easy as opening a few instances. Results are displayed in real-time, with neat filters, and search function to quickly find info of interest, It could have been useful to see a report generator, but for instant analysis, it’s worth the while and effort.

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