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Seamlessly create photo packages that you can use as visiting cards, exam IDs, I-Card, visa and password renewal applications using this tool.

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Passport Xpress Description

Passport Xpress is an application designed to help you create password packages and hence have adequate pictures to use for your driver license, ID card, visa, visiting cards, exam IDs or even a passport renewal application.

Clean, appealing looks and intuitive functionality

Following a quick setup, you come face to face with the welcome screen that enables you to select the desired layout. Consequentially, depending on how you want to use the photos, you can choose between several templates, including one that supports data packages. The latter is quite versatile and enables you to add any desired variable fields, so you can use it for designing a visiting card, for instance.

You should know that the program allows you to change the background color easily. Therefore, you can replace any background with a light or white color and hence, make sure you meet the requirements for the photos that you intend to use for a visa or passport application, for example. As a side note, unfortunately, the utility does not allow you to create layouts of your own.

Comes with a photo editor function

You will be happy to learn that the utility enables you to make some minor editing to the photo you want to use for the package. To be more precise, the application includes advanced features, such as color correction on the RGB channels that you can employ to improve the quality and appearance of your picture.

In addition, you can crop the images and rotate them, so that you can eliminate the elements that do not belong in a card photo. If you need to focus more on the facial features, then you should keep in mind that you can specify the area to be dedicated for this purpose from the main window.

A handy utility for creating photos passport packages

All in all, if you are regularly subscribing to various services or taking museums’ tours, but dread the hassle involved with taking the card picture, then perhaps Passport Xpress could come in handy.

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