My Menu Explorer

Create personalized menus that include your favorite shortcuts, to easily access applications, documents, folders or websites, with this handy utility.

  • My Menu Explorer
  • Version :1.17
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Infonautics GmbH

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My Menu Explorer Description

You may be looking for a simple application that offers similar functionality to the Windows Start menu and can help you organize your shortcuts and increase your efficiency.

My Menu Explorer allows you to create multiple personalized menus, where you can add shortcuts to various applications, documents or folders, links to websites and more.

Organize shortcuts into customized menus

It is possible to create multiple groups and arrange them in a tree structure. There is no limit to the amount of sub-groups you can create and they can be instantly expanded or closed.

The Windows Start menu can be accessed from the application’s interface, making it simple to copy certain shortcuts to your created menus, or add items to the bookmarks list.

You can use drag and drop actions to move items between menus, but you cannot perform the same operations to add items from the Windows Explorer. Additionally, it is not possible to select multiple objects at once, which would be useful for moving a large amount of shortcuts between groups.

Search for items and access Windows functions

My Menu Explorer features a built-in search function that you can use to find various items in your personal menus or the recently opened documents list.

You can use this program to access certain system functions directly, such as the Windows Explorer, Control Panel and Task Manager. It is also possible to log off, put your computer in standby mode, restart it or shut it down.

Easy-to-access, but cannot be sent to the system tray

My Menu Explorer can be pinned to the taskbar, then brought up by moving the mouse cursor to the top edge of the screen, or horizontally across it.

However, you cannot minimize the program to the system tray, which would help integrate it into the Windows interface.

Overall, if you are looking for a utility that can be used in place of the standard Windows Start menu, you can try My Menu Explorer. It allows you to create multiple menus that contain your most accessed applications, documents, folders or Internet shortcuts.

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