Sticky Notes Rainbow for Windows 10

Place colorful sticky notes onto multiple virtual desktops and add them to your computer’s Start menu, with this intuitive application.

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Sticky Notes Rainbow for Windows 10 Description

A packed schedule is something most of us have become accustomed to, but we have all forgotten an important event or appointment at some point in our lives. Thankfully, there are plenty of specialized software solutions that can help you avoid this in the future.

One of them is Sticky Notes Rainbow, an easy-to-use application that allows you to create multiple virtual desktops, each populated with numerous colorful sticky notes that serve as helpful reminders.

User-friendly program that makes note creation seem like child’s play

As its name might suggest, Sticky Notes Rainbow features a bright and colorful visual design, and first-time users should find it very easy to work with.

A new note can be added by simply double-clicking anywhere within the selected virtual desktop, and the reminders are just as easy to resize, move and customize.

The notes themselves come in two variations, each allowing you to write text or draw content freehand, and several shapes are available.

Organize your notes into multiple desktops and add them to the Start menu

The application enables you to create up to twelve virtual desktops, and a unique background can be assigned to each one. You can add as many notes as you like, and it is also possible to move them between pages.

Particularly important memos can be pinned to the Start menu to ensure they do not go unnoticed when you access various other applications.

Simple sticky note creator that brings a bit of color to your desktop

All in all, Sticky Notes Rainbow is an easy-to-use application that can help you organize your daily activities and ensure you do not forget anything important when your schedule becomes too overwhelming.

It offers a fairly limited array of features, but it allows you to create sticky notes that contain both text and drawings, organize them among multiple virtual desktops and even pin important memos to the Start menu.

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