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Call numbers instantly, anywhere on the web, with just one click, thanks to this handy tool, which collaborates with Skype to operate on.

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Skype Click to Call Description

Skype Click to Call is a simple tool that aims to help you dial a certain phone number directly from your Internet browser. It highlights the phone numbers in the browser and allows you to send them to Skype in order to start the call.

The application includes a collection of extensions for the most popular Internet browsers which enables you to quickly identify the telephone numbers from any webpage. By default the extensions are installed for all the detected browsers but you can customize the components during the setup.

After the installation the phone numbers from the opened pages are underlined and marked with a Skype icon. You just need to click on the phone number in order to open Skype and dial the number.

This tool can save a lot of time when you are frequently using your browser to find phone numbers for marketing campaigns or other purposes. It can also save money by marking the numbers that can be called for free by using the Skype service.

The icon integrated in the web page also allows you to send SMS messages or save a number to the contact list in order to make the call at a later date.

During our tests, the extensions correctly identified the phone numbers that were written in the US  format. It automatically filled the country code and allowed the user to set a certain code for all the numbers from a certain webpage.

If you want to save time dialing the numbers found on a webpage, Skype Click to Call is a useful tool that links your browser with Skype.

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