Batch Files Printing

A simple to use application that enables you to schedule tasks for the printing machine, with several types of files in the queue.

  • Batch Files Printing
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Batch Files Printing Description

Batch Files Printing is a reliable software that offers you a convenient solution to printing batches of files. The application can help you establish an order of printing, create recurring tasks, schedule printing at a certain time or set advanced options. It allows you to create a list of documents, then edit it before printing the files.

Reliable printing configuration software

The purpose of Batch Files Printing is to create a list of documents, arrange them in the desired order and set parameters such as page size or orientation. The software is easy to use and features an intuitive interface, divided into several areas, each one dedicated to a specific function.

Thus, the main area displays the list of documents pending for the printing process. The supported types include images, in JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG format, PDFs, RTF, TXT and files created with Microsoft Office. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations can easily be added to the list.

Scheduler and recurring task handler

Two important functions of Batch Files Printing are the task scheduler and the hot folder printing. The two are not completely separate: the scheduler allows you to create a list of files or select a folder, then send it to the printer at a later time. You can set the desired date and time of the task, as well as decide if you wish to have it repeatedly printed in the future.

Each task is displayed in the dedicated table and can easily be edited in it is not activated. Loading an entire folder as subject for printing implies selecting the directory, setting one or more file filters, then choosing the printer machine. Each printing task is accompanied by a status indicator, notifying you if it is active, finished or scheduled.

Reliable printing assistant

Batch Files Printing is a convenient tool that enables you to set printing tasks for the days to come and activates them without further human intervention. The software is reliable and aside from scheduling printing tasks, it also enables you to set certain options, such as paper size or orientation. Although it allows you to add several files to the list, it does not allow you to print more copies of the same document.

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