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Determine the upload and download speed of your Internet connection and check whether the speed you were promised is really available.

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Speedtest Store App Description

There are various applications meant to help you test your Internet connection, and the Internet does not lack online services that can retrieve your download and upload speeds. One of the most widely used and popular services is Ookla’s Speedtest.net, which also owns the Speedtest Store App.

Modern-looking Windows 10 Internet metrics app

The Speedtest Store App is a Windows 10 application that uses the same technology as the web-based service to perform accurate measurements of both the connection bandwidth and latency.

A Microsoft account is required to download and install it from the Windows Store, but the entire process is simple and takes no more than a few moments. A modern-looking interface welcomes you, with a simple layout and clear options.

The main window encompasses a simple ‘Go’ button that invites you to click it, alongside the name of your Internet service provider, which is detected automatically. Please note that accuracy might be improved if you allow the application to access your computer’s location.

Compare the current speed with prior results and share your report

Once you press the ‘Go’ button, a gauge is displayed, first for the download speed and then for the upload speed, both of which are only measured in Mbps. The ISP speed estimation usually takes a few seconds, but the ping speed is shown almost instantly.

The test results (or a screenshot of Speedtest) can be shared via various applications with just a few clicks. Moreover, the Speedtest Store App remembers the test history, enabling you to check the speed evolution in time inside a well-organized table. On the downside, it cannot generate a chart, which would offer a more clear overview on the Internet connection speed and consistency.

Test your Internet speed and check the maximum bandwidth

The Speedtest Store App aims to conveniently integrate the speedtest.net service into Windows 10, delivering a standalone application for assessing the Internet connection bandwidth. And although it might need further improvements, it enables you to check the transfer rate for downloads and uploads using one of the most popular speed test services.

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