Seamlessly access the documents you need across multiple devices and easily share the updated data with the members of your team via this application.

  • PydioSync
  • Version:1.2.8
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Charles du Jeu

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PydioSync Description

Pydio is an open-source alternative to Box and Dropbox, two of the most popular file sharing services in the cloud. The significant difference between this service and its counterparts stems from the fact that it enables you to host the files that you need to share with your co-workers or team on your private server or cloud.

When it comes to sharing sensitive data over the Internet, one of the major concerns is security. You will be happy to learn that system administrators can oversee all the activities related to sharing and synchronization via the dashboard and real-time reports. In addition, administrators can view a complete list of the connected users and kill live sessions, in case of a security breach.

It is necessary to mention that Pydio does not disappoint in terms of customization features either. Since the web-based dashboard consists of plugins, it means that you can tailor-suit the functionality of the service to meet your organization’s needs and preferences.

PydioSync is an application that enables you to access your private server or cloud directly from your computer and synchronize or add extra files that you want to share. Therefore, if your organization needs to operate and store large files and you would like to cut down the costs of hosting the data in the cloud, then perhaps the utility might be worth a try.

System requirements

  • PHP Version 5.4 or higher
  • Required PHP Extension: IonCube Loader
  • RAM : 1GB / 100 Users
  • CPU : will highly depend on your server load, usage of PydioSync, etc. Still, we would recommend 4 vCore or equivalent.
  • Pydio Server
  • Internet connection

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