Sonma Typing-Expert

Practice your keyboard typing, increase your speed and accuracy, in both English and Hindi alphabets, using this simple application.

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Sonma Typing-Expert Description

Sonma Typing-Expert is a simple, yet reliable application that enables you to practice your keyboard typing skills, in a friendly environment. The program features several exercises that you can perform, in order to increase the speed and accuracy of your typing. Moreover, the exercises are available in both English and Hindi.

Fast and accurate typing skills

Sonma Typing-Expert is designed to help users, particularly students to learn how to type at the keyboard fast and without typos. All you need to do is follow the steps in the exercises and practice on your keyboard of choice.

The program features multiple exercises, each sorted according to their difficulty, containing groups of letters. The application prompts you to type the same groups of letters over and over, for a specific period of time, in order to get accustomed with the location of the keys. Moreover, you can easily memorize the movement of the fingers.

Exercises in multiple languages

Sonma Typing-Expert enables you to practice typing using the Latin alphabet, but also use the Hindi digital keyboard. You may easily switch between the two types of exercises, with one mouse click.

The tests consist in typing letter groups, words or sentence, depending on the difficulty, over and over, for a specified duration. The program tests your speed and accuracy, by measuring how many typos you make. You may erase a letter in case you have made a mistake, but you cannot return to change it if you typed two or more letters afterward.

Easily evaluate your skills

Sonma Typing-Expert can record the test scores, allowing you to view or print them at any time. You need to provide your name, before accessing the tests since it is printed on the results sheet. Moreover, you can set the duration of the exercise, between 1 and 30 minutes, as well as pause the test at any time.

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