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Perform advanced mathematical operations with this viable Windows Calculator alternative that offers multiple predefined functions.

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The DME Calculator Description

Those who use the Windows Calculator application for their various mathematical undertakings might be craving for more advanced features. There are several applications out there that offer such capabilities and one of them is The DME Calculator, which was developed for providing a more comprehensive alternative to the classic operating system calculator.

Editor-based interface that offers sophisticated mathematical features

The application comes packed with a consistent interface that resembles advanced editor and coding software. A classic layout with a string input area and corresponding results section ensure that users will have a good overview of the expressions and their outputs.

One can easily create new expressions and save them to disk and the application provides a comprehensive list of predefined functions. These can be used for tailoring the required mathematical functions to specific requirements.

Write complex mathematical expressions and run them with this capable calculator utility

Users can input their expressions freely and the application enables them to enter complex calculations,  provided that they respect the correct syntax. One can enter several expressions after each other and the application will offer the results for the last registered one.

Plotting of the inputted functions is also offered, allowing one to preview the graphs of the required functions. The functions can be evaluated and a specific range can be selected for this process, allowing users to verify the functions to the preferred values.

Competent calculator application that offers an improved alternative to the Windows Calculator utility

The DME Calculator addresses those who require a more advanced calculator than the one provided by default in the Windows OS. Featuring a more complex package, it will offer people an editor-like interface that allows them to input sophisticated functions and preview the results with ease. Plotting of the functions is also offered, this way enabling one to also easily visualize the waveform.

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