Soft4Boost Audio Studio

Change your audio files by modifying the amplify, normalize, compressor, expander, delay or by adding various effects via this software solution.

  • Soft4Boost Audio Studio
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  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sorentio Systems Ltd

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Soft4Boost Audio Studio Description

Soft4Boost Audio Studio is a comprehensive yet user-friendly software utility aimed to provide you with the proper tools and functions for editing songs in numerous formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, AAC, even MOV, MP4, FLV and many others.

Complex yet well organized interface

The application features a fairly advanced-looking appearance, with multiple tabs and panels for the various types of actions that can be performed, such as ‘Edit’, ‘Effects’, ‘DX / VST’ and others.

The working window displays the song you are working with in ‘Waveform’, but it also supports ‘Spectral’ or ‘Envelope’ view modes, thus allowing you to choose whichever best fulfills your requirements.

Swiftly customize the sound and feel of your music files

Soft4Boost Audio Studio enables you to create new songs or open existing ones from your computer, supporting a fairly wide range of formats, including video. Aside from letting you adjust the length of the file by modifying the start and end times, the audio can then be faded in or out, delayed or amplified with countless different effects.

Moreover, you can apply a ‘Time Stretch’ or a ‘Pitch Shift’, as well as ‘Invert’ or ‘Reverse’ various audio elements. You can even generate ‘Silence’, ‘Noise’, ‘Chirp’ or ‘DTMF Signals’ of a preferred duration in milliseconds, which you can then insert into the song.

Soft4Boost Audio Studio offers a set of tools that can help you obtain the best sound out of your files, for instance the ‘Frequency Analysis’ or the ‘Phase Analysis’ components, the former allowing you to choose the preferred ‘FFT Size’ and the window type, before displaying the results.

An intuitive music editor

All in all, Soft4Boost Audio Studio is a handy and efficient program that can successfully assist you in editing and customizing your music, enabling you to obtain the results you were looking for in little to no time.

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