Soft4Boost Suite

A multimedia software suite comprised of a wide variety of audio and video utilities, which enables you to convert documents, burn DVDs and edit images.

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Soft4Boost Suite Description

Depending on your day-to-day activities, your computer needs to handle a wide variety of files, as well as perform various operations on them. In addition, you may also use it to store information on removable devices, such as CDs or DVDs, as well as transfer data to your mobile phone or tablet.

An extensive multimedia suite

Soft4Boost Suite takes it upon itself to bring you a set of tools to satisfy you every need when it comes to multimedia files, whether you want to convert, edit or burn them to optical media. Moreover, it also bundles a system booster, which can improve the overall performance of your computer and get rid of any unwanted junk files.

As far as the audio utilities collection is concerned, the suite provides you with a converter, a mixer and even an editor you can use to modify your music tracks. The mixer is basically formed out of a comprehensive selection of sound samples, which can be arranged and edited in order to create your own music, with the help of various plugins and other sound effects.

Manipulate photos and take snapshots of your desktop

In case you need to edit or adjust the properties of your pictures, Soft4Boost Suite delivers a set of image editors as well. Hence, Soft4Boost Image Converter is capable of exporting your files under a wide array of formats, while Soft4Boost Photo Studio allows you enhance and manipulate the images before saving them to your computer.

The activity on your desktop can also be captured using the provided screen recorder, which enables you to take precise and high-quality snapshots of a certain area of your screen. Furthermore, it is also possible to capture the feed from a webcam device, by using the bundled video capture utility. The resulting movie clips can be easily opened and played into Soft4Boost AMPlayer, which is part of the suite as well.

A handy set of multimedia tools and utilities

Thanks to the large number of tools included in the package, Soft4Boost Suite offers you complete liberty when it comes to multimedia file management. In addition, it also includes a document eraser, TV recorder and update checker, all of which feature a friendly and intuitive interface.

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