Enhance your productivity with the help of this Microsoft Office add-in that integrates speech recognition capabilities so that you can dictate rather than type your ideas.

  • Dictate
  • Version:5.01
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Microsoft

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Dictate Description

Being well adjusted to your work environment means that, first and foremost, you know how to make the most of the resources that are put at your disposal and that you resort to clever tricks to minimize effort while increasing productivity.

One such tool is Dictate, a Microsoft Office add-in whose purpose is to convert speech to text so that you no longer need to type text and break your workflow.

Integrates speech recognition features into Microsoft Office

As mentioned, the software utility integrates with Microsoft Office, which means that, once you install it, a new tab should appear in Microsoft Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint, letting you effortlessly start turning your ideas into text without even touching the keyboard.

The program relies on speech recognition features to be able to understand what you are saying. It is worth mentioning that support for more than 20 languages is offered, aside from multiple English dialects. That means you should be covered if you speak any of the following languages: Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish, and more.

Features real-time translation capabilities

As for how the add-in works, you simply need to plug in your microphone and click the “Start” button in the top-left corner. Once the device is found, you can start dictating whatever crosses your mind, with the mention that the tool is capable of not only turning your spoken words to text but also translate them to any of the aforementioned languages plus many others.

Aside from that, users should know that there are two modes for punctuation. Depending on the accuracy you aim for, you can choose between manual and auto, but this feature is only available for the English language.

What’s more, a series of commands are available for you to use so that your text requires as little editing as possible. We must admit, they are quite intuitive and require little explanation, as shown in the following: “New line,” “Delete,” “Stop dictation,” “Question mark,” “Open Quote,” “Close quote,” “Colon,” and “Comma.”

Helps you increase your productivity

On an ending note, Dictate is a welcome addition to Microsoft Office, which seamlessly introduces speech recognition features to Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, letting you cut down the times spent typing in emails, notes, and whatnot. The add-in is easy to use and boasts translation capabilities, being a great companion to any user intent on capturing their ideas in text as quickly as possible.

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