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Find out your website’s position and start working on a plan to improve its rating using a fully automated and comprehensive SEO toolkit.

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SERP Parser Professional Description

Efficiently managing websites does not only imply adhering the to ever-changing algorithms imposed by the search engines, but also coming up with new and fresh content that your users want to read and share.

SERP Parser Professional is a comprehensive program that allows you to monitor your websites and determine the efficiency and validity of your marketing strategy, short plans and campaigns.

Provides you with ample and detailed reports

The strong point of the application is the extensive reports it can provide. While it is up to you interpret them and make the right decision, the app enables you to find out summaries about your entire project and specific groups, sources or targets.

In addition, you can evaluate the impact of new content or a special offer by checking out reports based on dates and days. This feature can surely come in handy when you want to identify your competition’s weaknesses or how well they are doing with their campaign.

On a side note, although you can save the info, you can keep in mind that the app only works with CSV and HTML files.

Modern, but rather crowded interface

Even though it is sleek and includes stylish buttons and colors, the interface looks and feel rather crowded and could use some work. Since the role of the application is to provide you with detailed reports, it would have been useful if you could pin and unpin the panels so you can do a better comparison, for instance.

At the same time, while it can exhibit information in a chart, the graph is not attractive, looks plain and can be quite difficult to read or interpret. The program could use better visuals, so you can understand the similarities, differences or identify potential problems easier.

An overall good SERP monitoring tool

Generally speaking, you cannot do a thorough analysis without having the necessary information at your disposal. SERP Parser Professional provides you with extensive reports and can help you figure out a plan to increase the rankings of your websites.

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