Feature-rich application with a minimalistic layout for creating torrent files and uploading them to the Internet, using low system resources.

  • Halite
  • Version: Revision 1333
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Eoin O’Callaghan

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Halite Description

Halite is a torrent client that comes equipped with a user-friendly interface and handy options for creating torrent files, based on the libtorrent and Boost libraries.

The interface is not particularly attractive but comfortable to work with, thanks to the minimalistic layout. You can create a new torrent file by specifying the creator name, comment, piece size (KBs) and output destination.

In addition, you can mark it as private, point out the source file or directory for constructing the torrent and generated torrent name, as well as enter tracker URLs and web seed URLs and DHT nodes. During installation you can also associate Halite with torrent files.

During the uploading process you can specify the torrent transfer rates and connection limits, as well as pause the task and reannounce trackers.

As far program settings are concerned, you can set Halite to minimize to the system tray area, specify global limits (total maximum connections and upload slots, download and upload rate), as well as enable IP filtering and protocol encryption, among others.

Halite does not hog system resources, since it requires a low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly. It has a good response time and doesn’t cause the operating system to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Thanks to its intuitive layout and advanced settings, Halite should please all types of users.

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