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Surf the Internet in an efficient manner by relying on this lightweight browser that comes with multiple handy tools and a user-friendly interface.

  • Aurora Browser
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AuroraBrowser.COM

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Aurora Browser Description

Surfing the Internet with limited programs can quickly turn into a boring experience, as you might not be able to perform additional actions, aside from basic website browsing.

Fortunately, nowadays there are multiple software solutions that can add depth to your experience by providing you with various functions. One of these applications is Aurora Browser.

Light user interface

This program comes with a minimalistic layout that encompasses its functions neatly, thus allowing you to benefit from them entirely in a convenient manner.

The Settings tab can be accessed through the standard menu and provides you with multiple useful functions.

Handy extensions

Aside from its light, fast interface, this application comes with various other reliable features. Some of these include an ad-blocking utility, a thumbnail magnifying tool, a shopping assistant, a video pop-up function and a translator.

Any of the features mentioned above can be easily toggled on or off, according to your preference, by accessing the corresponding section from the Settings tab.

Useful screenshot tool

You can capture any region of your screen by relying on the built-in screenshot utility. Creating a snapshot can be achieved by clicking on the scissors tool next to the address bar and defining the desired area.

It is possible to customize the resulting image by inserting custom shapes or text and freely drawing over it. After you finish editing, you can save it on your computer as a PNG, JPG, JPEG or BMP file.

Can capture scrollable webpages

Additionally, this application allows you to save any opened webpage as an image file on your PC. More so, this function does not capture only the visible area, but the whole page, top to bottom. This can prove to be a handy feature, especially when you need to capture an entire webpage without needing to scroll.

Mouse gestures and browser hiding

The Settings tab allows you to toggle a reliable function that quickly hides the browser window by pressing the middle mouse button. You can bring the window back by pressing the chosen key combination.

Furthermore, to further enhance the program’s accessibility, it is possible to view and adjust certain mouse gestures that can help you perform various actions with ease. Some of these actions include reloading the page, jump to the bottom of the page, switch to the next tab or view the page source.

In conclusion, Aurora Browser is a reliable, lightweight application that allows you to surf the Internet in a fast, convenient manner while also providing you with multiple handy options.

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