S-Ultra PNG Compressor

Compress PNG files to reduce their size without affecting image quality in any way, by using this lightweight and intuitive application.

  • S-Ultra PNG Compressor
  • Version :2.25
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Siam Computer

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S-Ultra PNG Compressor Description

Large image files posted on your website can increase the page loading speed significantly, which is why it is important to compress them as much as possible.

S-Ultra PNG Compressor is a nifty application that can reduce PNG file size by a significant percentage without affecting image quality in a negative way. It offers three compression modes and provides detailed statistics.

Optimize your PNG files while maintaining the same image quality

When hearing the word “compression” many people think that a file size reduction will lower image quality, but this is not the case when dealing with a lossless format like PNG. These pictures retain the same detail level no matter how much they are compressed, the only factor being how long you are willing to wait for the operation to be completed.

S-Ultra PNG Compressor offers a total of three processing modes, the first of which is used automatically. The other two are optional, and they will usually not reduce file size significantly.

Easy-to-use program that could be improved in certain respects

The application is specially designed to help you compress large numbers of files at once, and it can shut down your PC automatically when the operation is completed.

However, it may prove difficult to import multiple files, as it is not possible to add an entire folder at once, and the program does not offer support for drag and drop.

It is also worth noting that the source files are replaced automatically, as you do not have the option of saving them to a separate location. This is not likely to be an issue in most situations, but some users may wish to keep the original files as well.

Handy utility that can help website owners reduce loading times

Overall, S-Ultra PNG Compressor is a useful application that enables you to optimize PNG images in order to reduce their file size. It does not have a negative impact on picture quality, and it allows you to compress any number of items in one go.

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