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An efficient and user-friendly software solution that functions as a GRIB data viewer, offering various functions and customizable options.

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GRIB Viewer Description

GRIB Viewer is a reliable application that can open data files broadcast over certain meteorology services, including DWDSAT (Germany), the Norway and Danish systems or Meteo France. OSI-SAF transmissions over EUMETCast are also supported, the program being capable of opening the specific files.

Quickly load weather and temperature data files

GRIB Viewer can open various types of data files, generated through one of the above-mentioned services. The program can read the available data from the EUMETCast system, such as Meteosat-8/9 parameters. The files can be obtained from one of the supported meteorology services, based on what type of information you wish to view.

For example the Norway and Denmark OSI-SAF data is focused on the sea-ice edges or the stereographic grid covering the Atlantic segment of the Arctic broadcast. It can display the sea-ice data from both the Northern and Southern hemisphere, acquired over FTP connection.

On the other hand, the Meteo France OSI-SAF data includes low and medium latitudes Downward Longwave Irradiance or sea-surface temperature. Information from the UK Met Office DPDS data is also available and supported by the program. The supported formats include *.gz, *.tar. *-tar, *.grb, *.grb+, *.grib? and *.?1200.

Quick image settings made from the toolbar

GRIB Viewer is optimized for observing the meteorological maps you load, therefore, the program features a large viewing area. The toolbar is located at the bottom of the window and allows you to set the preferred parameters.

The application allows you to set the desired mode of image interpolation, enable or disable the temperature grid, set boundaries, scale location and timestamp location. A file can contain several maps, based on given temperature values and you may calculate the 1000 hPa patterns.

Winds, tides and temperature indicators

GRIB Viewer allows you to display the markers for winds, tides or temperature and customize their appearance. You may choose to view them in their default state, enlarged or represented as barb lines, in darker or lighter color. Alternatively, you can select the Hide option if they are inconclusive.

NOTE: In order to be able to run GRIB Viewer, you can download the Library Bundle.

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