All Photo Frame

Apply frames to every image in a certain directory with minimal effort, resize them, apply watermark and more, by using this straightforward utility.

  • All Photo Frame
  • Version :2.4
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :LiSparrow

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All Photo Frame Description

Modifying multiple images at once can be quite challenging, whether you need to correct certain parameters or transform them in various ways.

All Photo Frame is a straightforward software utility that, as its name suggests, is primarily designed for applying frames to photos. However, it can perform a number of other functions, and it is quite easy to use.

Add frames to numerous images in no time at all

The first step consists of selecting the directory where your pictures are located. The application creates the output folder automatically, but it would have been great if you had the option of saving the processed files to a custom location.

The program comes equipped with a fairly extensive collection of photo frames, and you can even create your own, as All Photo Frame can detect transparent areas in order to fit your images correctly.

Resize photos, rotate them and apply watermarks

In addition to adding frames, the application is capable of rotating images automatically based on EXIF information. However, while useful, it would have been great if this feature could be disabled.

It is also possible to resize images by selecting one of the available presets or setting the new dimensions to a certain percentage of the old ones.

Moreover, All Photo Frame enables you to apply watermarks when processing your images. These can be text or image-based, and you can customize their position, scale and opacity.

Easy-to-use, but lacks documentation

It has to be said that this application is well suited for novices, despite the fact that a user manual is not available. The UI features a streamlined, intuitive layout, and most of the available functions are fairly self-explanatory. Nevertheless, some basic documentation would be more than welcome.

Overall, All Photo Frame is a useful application that enables you to apply frames to your images, as well apply watermarks, resize and rotate them. It could be improved in certain respects, but it is relatively easy to use and well suited for batch processing jobs.

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