Reservation Master

A complex and efficient software solution designed to help users who own hotels, motels and guest houses to easily organize their reservation list.

  • Reservation Master
  • Version :6.00 R02 (Build 25)
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Goldhill Ltd

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Reservation Master Description

Hotel managers are required to keep a very strict watch on the available rooms, to ensure visitors can book quarters. Fortunately, digital tools have largely removed the need for manual ledgers and Reservation Master is just one application, allowing its users to record new guests and manage the overall lodging capacity of a hotel.

Keep track of inn visitors and their rooms

The application is well-suited for mid-size operations, including hotels, motels, inns, and other similar venues. As with all recorders, users must spend some time configuring the program, especially on the side of the existing lodging conditions; if available, one can also import data from TXTs or CSVs.

Once properly set up, all the managed rooms will appear in an intuitive panel to the left of a calendar view. With this layout, one can easily check reservations, thus ensuring rooms are not left unoccupied due to processing errors.

Records the personal details of the guests

The utility can handle both single and group reservations, complete with detailed visitor information, although one can also add guest quick-check-ins. One of the noteworthy and highly practical features of the program is the use of color codes to depict guarantee status. For example, users who have already paid for the booking are colored with green, while corporate guests are easily spotted due to their light-blue color tones.

The multitabbed interface allows managers to quickly view the occupancy status, as well as arrivals or departures. Customer lists can also be viewed and one can easily export all the data to various formats, including CSVs, PDFs or Excel spreadsheets.

All in all, a comprehensive solution for managing mid-sized inns or motels

Summing up, Reservation Master is a valuable tool for hotel managers and similar officials, as it allows one to thoroughly track the most important aspect of running a hotel – the reservations and the status of visitors. Color codes permit its users to visually distinguish between entries and several exporting options allow quick dissemination of the source data.

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