Plan, analyze and optimize your flight plan with this intuitive application that displays topographically-accurate maps and allows you to define waypoints.

  • SeeYou
  • Version :7.21 Build 7/24/2015
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Naviter

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SeeYou Description

SeeYou is intended to help users in creating their customized glider flight plans. The program features realistic maps and highly thorough statistics reports.

Create flight simulations and optimize the airborne time

The application is very comprehensive and allows control over virtually all aspects of the flight project. Very informative and geographically-precise maps are displayed, so that potentially deadly errors are avoided.

This is also great since all the pre-flight operations can be performed in the program. Another plus would be the fact that pilots can design their project so as to make the most of the picturesque landscapes.

The resource allows creating waypoints, which is great for long flights. Linking these together with other users allows creating rendezvous points.

Enrich the experience with thorough statistics

The real power behind this program is its ability to generate meaningful statistics and flight estimations, based on the input data.

The amount of information is quite impressive. From altitude gained to thermals encountered and distance covered, everything is available in very detailed reports. All the data is broken down by waypoints.

The software features a highly intuitive interface. This was quite necessary, as designing flight paths is not an easy task. The maps are really helpful in determining the optimum airborne time.

There are multiple views that can be activated. This is really one of the key features of this software. Everything is visually very appealing and equally intuitive.

For example, once the project has been loaded, the tool can display a 3D simulation of the whole flight. Pilots, both new and old, will find this feature highly useful!

A noteworthy resource for pilots

To conclude, SeeYou is a very detailed and highly recommended application for anyone that enjoys gliding. Whatever the reason for being airborne, if optimization is desired, then this is the right tool!

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