Manage your artistic business by creating contracts, estimating your production costs and generating invoices for your customers.

  • Blinkbid
  • Version :7.05
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Blinkbid, LLC

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Blinkbid Description

Blinkbid is a professional-grade software solution aimed to assist you in managing your artistic business, be it related to photography, graphics or other type of creative endeavor, providing you with the tools to get started on the right path.

Initial configuration steps

After going through the installation process, you can input your business information, specifically name, full address, email and optionally select an item catalog, which offers you a series of ready-made products and services, to spare you the trouble.

Once everything is in place, you can begin adding your upcoming jobs in Blinkbid, entering the required information and the terms for the contract, to make sure both parties know where they stand.

Manage your creative business with minimal effort

When adding a new job into the application, you can assign it a name and a description, the company’s details being already loaded from the ‘Address Book’; nonetheless, you can modify them on the spot.

You also need to input the ‘Usage License’, ‘Estimate Terms’ and ‘Invoice Terms’, then start generating the actual ‘Estimate’, adding the products and services from the catalog. Each item needs to have specified the quantity, time, billing type, tax and markup percentage. These are automatically added to the ‘Invoice’, which you can print in three different display preferences ‘Composite’, ‘Itemized’ or ‘Summary’.

In Blinkbid’s ‘Address Book’, you can add new contacts or edit the existing ones’ data, including various notes, groups they belong to, jobs they’ve done, related contacts, even their specific ‘Terms and Conditions’.

From the ‘Reports’ section, you can get an overview of your financial situation, being able to view the ‘Invoice Register’ and create ‘Past Due Notice’ messages based on a template. Moreover, in the ‘Preferences’ area of Blinkbid, you can customize and update the ‘Item Catalog’, ‘Tax and Agent Rate’, ‘Terms and Conditions’, and many others.

A practical business management instrument

To conclude, Blinkbid is an advanced and reliable program that is meant to function as a management tool for creative businesses, allowing you to take care of all aspects pertaining to running a successful company, including everything from scheduling jobs to generating invoices.

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