Preview files quickly by pressing the Space key, with this open-source application that aims to bring the handy OS X Quick Look feature to your Windows PC.

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QuickLook Description

Any Mac user is going to miss the Quick Look feature when switching to a PC, as it is a very easy way to preview the contents of various files without actually opening them.

QuickLook is an interesting application created to fill this gap, providing you with a similar feature for your Windows computer. It still needs some small improvements, but it looks very promising.

Preview various types of files with a single key press

Essentially, this application helps you stay efficient by enabling you to inspect the contents of a file without opening it in its default program. You just need to select the file and press the Space key, and a small window that displays its contents will be brought up on your desktop.

QuickLook allows you to preview images, videos, archives, PDF and text files, as well as various other types of documents, including Microsoft Office files. You can even zoom in our out, and videos can be played in the generated window.

For other files, as well as folders, some details will be displayed in an information box. It is worth noting that audio files are not yet supported.

Needs some tweaks, but nothing major

When previewing a file, you also have the option of opening it with the default application; you can view the name of this program in the upper-right corner of the window.

Mac users often enable Quick Look and cycle through items using the arrow keys, and I am pleased to note that this is also possible with this utility. You can even switch to a different folder while the preview is active.

The loading speed has been reduced significantly in the latest release, so you should find that the preview is generated almost instantly. However, the loading indicator is still displayed, which I feel is unnecessary given how quickly content is displayed.

With some small improvements, this can become a great Windows version of the Quick Look feature

When it comes down to it, this application needs a bit more work, but the remaining issues are not too major. To be fair, though, the project is still in the early stages of the development process, so we have to be a little forgiving.

QuickLook does a lot of things well, and it already supports a pretty impressive array of formats. It needs a couple more features, however, as well as a few small quality of life tweaks.

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