Add custom tags to folders and files in your computer using drag and drop, and make data searching easier with this install-free application.

  • Version:1.5.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Pablo Andueza

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TAGSTOO Description

Using tags to categorize files might be much more manageable than creating different folders with different names, but a specialized application is required to do so. One interesting option is TAGSTOO, which helps you assign tags to both files and directories on your computer.

Create multiple tag databases for a storage drive

The first thing you will notice about TAGSTOO is that it requires no installation.

Once you double-click on the executable file, you are welcomed by a small window prompting you to select the tag database to use. Each drive on your computer can have multiple tag databases associated, but you can only load one at a time. As a plus, databases can be exported and used on any PC.

It’s easy to add tags using drag and drop actions

TAGSTOO comes with a few demonstration tags, which can be edited. Additionally, you can add new custom items to the tag list, which is visible at the bottom of the window. Each tag looks like a small label, with a particular shape, a custom color, and a text.

To tag a folder or a file on your PC, you simply have to drag and drop the desired label in the tag field.

Integrated file and folder searching with preview capabilities

The whole purpose of tagging files and folders is to facilitate data searching. TAGSTOO bundles a file and folder finder that uses the tags you placed to quickly find what you are looking for. You can add a maximum of five tags, which increases the search accuracy.

To make it easier for you to spot the files you are saerching, TAGSTOO features multimedia and epub previewing capabilities.

Further improvements are required to make the application more appealing and easier to use

TAGSTOO provides a new way to classify files and folders, but there are a few shortcomings that make it a bit difficult to use.

Aside from a color palette that might be too much for some, resizing the window is faulty, as it makes a few elements inside it not visible, with no scroll bar to use.

Furthermore, the file management options need enhancing. To be more specific, in an era where file managers have multiple shortcut keys, it is difficult to press a button to initiate a copy or a cut action. Additionally, double-clicking on a folder does not allow you to explore its content.

Deleting a tag also requires the tag eraser to be activated. It would be much more comfortable to be able to just drag and drop the tag back to the tag list.

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