Track the progress of your program development with options to estimate cost and tell how productive and practical your source code actually is.

  • ProjectCodeMeter
  • Version:1.28
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:ProjectCodeMeter

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ProjectCodeMeter Description

Working with code is pretty unpredictable, especially on large-scale projects. Sure enough the quality and functionality of a program depends on how the code is written. To get an idea of how good it is, you can rely on applications like ProjectCodeMeter to provide detailed analysis of code projects, as well as cost estimates.

Supports an impressive variety of programming languages

Once the application is installed, you can start analysis by providing the location to your source files. Accommodation is a walk in the park thanks to the intuitive design. The interface is fitted with a basic and full mode, with the difference that the full mode also shows files and an analysis chart.

Selecting the directory to analyze is the first step. On the bright side of things, the application supports an impressive variety of programming languages, so your source files can be anything made in Java, J#, C, C++, C#, PHP, Flash ActionScript, Objective C, Javascript, Microsoft JScript, Unreal engine script, or DigitalMars D.

Set up project cost and details for accurate results

By default, the application only analyzes the source files of the selected project. However, it’s possible to load a second folder of source files to be used as an old version of your work to see whether or not it improved. In the end, you can choose to show summary and charts, open the reports folder, have the summary brought up in your web browser, open as HTML, open as Excel, and several more.

As mentioned, the application also helps you estimate the cost of your builds. The price settings section lets you specify the price per hour, as well as quality guarantee which is the status of your build, platform maturity meaning depth and documentation, as well as debugging tools. Analysis starts at the press of a button and results are shown as gathered.

In conclusion

All things considered, we can state that ProjectCodeMeter is a reliable application to have around if you’re about to start or working on a complex or powerful program. It can analyze the source files from a variety of programming languages, letting you know how close you are to finishing your project in the planned time and budget.

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