Unicode Chars Number

Convert any unicode character to its decimal correspondent by simply pasting it or through keyboard input and the result instantly displayed.

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Unicode Chars Number Description

Working on a computer has its advantages sure enough, but getting technical about it isn’t really a comfortable thing for everyone. For instance, there are an abundance of types of code used in programming to make everything comfortable. In this regard, Unicode Chars Number comes as a small converter to display the decimal value of any character.

Works without taking you through a setup process

One particular advantage is that it comes in a lightweight package and is good to go from the moment download is done. You can store it on a USB flash drive to have it at hand regardless of the computer you’re working on. The health status of the target PC remains intact because Unicode Chars Number does its job without affecting registry entries.

All it has to offer is found in a pretty compact interface built with classic window elements. There’s a preview section which updates in real-time to show the result, as well as an input section which accepts nearly any type of character you can write or paste.

Instant conversion of unicode to decimal

In fact, the application is pretty straightforward overall, with the core feature being to display the decimal correspondent of the input character. The result can be copied to clipboard, but it’s usually composed of a couple of numbers and is easy to remember.

Unfortunately, the application feels a little rough around the edges, and could have used a character map for manual exploration of decimal and unicode character pairs. It would have also been useful to see multiple types of output besides decimal, such as hexadecimal, HTML, or even octal.

To end with

Bottom line is that some circumstances when working on a computer can require bits of code you’re not familiar with or don’t know by heart. Unicode Chars Number is a small tool which can convert any unicode character to its decimal correspondent.

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