MarshallSoft AES Library for XBase++

Easy implement AES encryption or decryption with XBase++ and secure your sensitive data using this comprehensive component library of functions.

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MarshallSoft AES Library for XBase++ Description

MarshallSoft AES Library for Xbase++ is a lightweight package that comprises of several library components of functions targeting encryption and decryption using the Advanced Encryption Standard.  It goes without saying that you are required to have Xbase++ or a decompiler installed on your computer in order to use the library.

Advanced Encryption Standard or AES is perceived as a strong encryption algorithm and this is why is commonly employed by a wide variety of financial entities for want to make sure that their customers’ sensitive information is safe from hackers.

It is important to note that the library’s functions employ an AES control buffer that is located within the caller’s data space or in the AES data space. In case you opt for the second option, then you should bear in mind that you need to allocate an array of at least 299 bytes that can be used to tinker with control parameters in the functions.

Among the other noteworthy supported encryption or decryption modes that you can achieve via this component library, you can count Electronic Cookbook, Cipher Block Chaining, PKCS7 padding, the Secure Hash Algorithms SHA-256, initialization vectors, key generation from password phrases or text as well as random byte data generation.

System requirements

  • Xbase++

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