An application that includes simple graphic editing functions, allowing you to adjust the inserted images and add effects to them.

  • Pixelaria
  • Version:1.17.1b
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Luiz Fernando

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Pixelaria Description

Pixelaria can assist you in designing your own pixel art animations and photography slideshows, which can then be exported as animation sheets (PXL format, read by Pocket Excel).

Its forthright interface makes project handling and exploring a routine task, allowing you to work on multiple projects simultaneously. It can be used for creating animations with customizable dimensions (width and height), as well as configurable FPS rate and frame skip options, which means that when the resource requirements are high, the FPS is automatically lowered to avoid overloading.

Providing support for common graphic formats (namely PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, JPEG and TIFF), the application allows you to view and manage all the animation frames. It features adjustable zooming capabilities and preview functionality, enabling you to take a look at the output before saving it.

Images can be imported as frames with customizable scaling options and the animation size can be modified to be compatible with the new frame. Double-clicking on any of the frames opens it with the integrated ‘Frame Editor’, which can be used for performing adjustments to the original picture, in order to enhance its appearance.

The ‘Frame Editor’ comprises a set of drawing tools ready to assist you in modifying the image by inserting lines or geometrical figures, removing elements or pixels or changing the color palette. Additionally, it features graphical filtering options that can help you adjust its transparency, set the scale, generate textured patterns with the offset filter or add fading effects.

Having ease of use as one of its main characteristics, Pixelaria enables both beginner designers and experts to work on their pixel art projects. However, adding support for more output and input formats (such as GIF or EXE) and enriching the editing toolbox are improvements that can really make it more appealing to users.

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