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With this lightweight and simple to handle application, you can apply various bits and pieces of text onto your JPG pictures, in just a few clicks.

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Free Caption Maker Description

Free Caption Maker is a user-friendly and effective software solution created to help you apply text descriptions onto pictures, being able to use it for various other purposes, such as watermarking your photos.

Clean and intuitive usage

Following and brief installation operation, you can launch the program and begin working with it straight away, its self-explanatory functions entailing little effort for you.

The main window of Free Caption Maker functions as a preview screen, where you can view the image you want to process and the string of text, which can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Effortlessly caption your pictures with various written messages

For starters, bear in mind that the application only supports JPG and JPEG files, which means that other formats will need to be converted prior to using them with Free Caption Maker. Similarly, it can only work with one file at a time, so batch tasks are out of the question.

After loading your source picture, you can press the ‘Add Caption’ button and a dedicated window enables you to input your text, then customize its ‘Margins’, ‘Vertical’ and ‘Horizontal Alignment’. You can also change the ‘Disposition’: ‘On Image’, ‘Top’, ‘Bottom’, the last two of which add a white stretch on the respective edges, along with your word or phrase.

Free Caption Maker lets you alter the ‘Text Properties’, specifically the font, size and style, the color and the background. What is more, you can resort to using the image description as a caption text, or the other way around, employing the caption as a description. In terms of output options, the files can be saved to the same format as the source photos only.

A simple image caption instrument

All in all, Free Caption Maker is a useful yet functionally-limited utility which aims to provide you with a basic set of tools for adding text to your pictures, so you can share them online, for instance.

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