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Add various online and offline contact details or other data to bundle it in a QR code that can be customized in shape and style with this application.

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QR-Code Studio Description

For the average customer, a commercial product is identified by its package and brand. On the other hand, vendors can’t just remember all items in the store and use unique identifiers, namely barcodes to keep a close record of everything in stock. One type of code in particular can easily be created with QR-Code Studio, just like the name suggests.

Intuitive design makes it easy to use

In terms of visual design, the interface is rather simple, but manages to make it incredibly easy even for newcomers to figure out just what each button or field does. A large area represents the real-time updating preview space, where you can zoom in and out for close inspection. All tools you work with are found in a lower section, for the QR code itself and for decorative or informative elements.

First thing’s first, you can only create QR codes using this application, but since it can contain enormous quantities of data, it can suffice. Editing is no rocket science, and by writing down a few values, specifying size, and adding colors for more effects is all it takes.

Multiple input sources

However, pressing the Input Assistant button is where it gets fun. In order to help you add data easier, the application comes bundled with an explorer that lets you quickly insert general data, contacts and business cards, mobile tagging, events, android, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as SEPA payments, each with multiple subgroups.

Other technical options only let you configure a proxy connection, or to access custom online services, such as website shortening which is amongst the default options. All visual options can be saved an implemented on the spot, or exported to file to have multiple quick profiles at hand.

To sum it up

Bottom line is that QR-Code Studio manages to live up to expectations by providing an intuitive workspace where you can easily add data from an impressive array of sources and transform it into a QR code. It uses little system resources, it’s easy to get ahold of, which is why it deserves at least a try.

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