Picture Window Pro

Powerful photo editing utility created for helping you enhance your image apperance using various special effects, filters, and freehand drawing tools.

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Picture Window Pro Description

Picture Window Pro is a software application that comes packed with various editing capabilities for helping you enhance your image appearance.

User interface and supported file formats

The layout may seem a bit overwhelming at a first glance but this is only because the tool comes packed with many dedicated parameters. Photos can be uploaded into the working environment using the built-in browse button or “drag and drop” operations.

The tool works with the following file formats: JPG, TIFF, BMP, TGA, PCX, GIF, PNG, FPX, and many others.

Editing options

Picture Window Pro gives you the possibility to zoom in or out, undo or redo your actions, use a magnifier, apply masks, and view information about each picture, such as creation date, shutter, ISO, lens, size, filename, modification date, file location, and others.

There are several dedicated parameters built specifically for helping you adjust the color balance and saturation, as wel as apply monochrome or negative options, filters (sharpen, blur, noise), and special effects (e.g. drop shadow, interlace, high interest, texture, monocolor, watercolor, emboss).

What’s more, you can embed text messages and customize them in terms of font, alignment, color, and transparency, count the colors, make file associations, process RAW files, and draw freehand designs with the aid of an adjustable brush (radius, transparency, softness, and color).

When it comes to exporting options, you are allowed to print the photos or save them to JPG, EPS, PCX, PNG, BMP, or other file format. Additionally, you may generate a slideshow.

Bottom line

All in all, Picture Window Pro comprises a handy suite of editing tools for helping you enhance your photos. The user interface is not quite intuitive, so you need to take some time and experiment with the built-in parameters for making the most out of this utility.

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