Turn your computer into a sketchpad by relying on this handy software solution that features a broad variety of useful functions.

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Sketchable Description

If you are a visual artist or simply like drawing, you are probably familiar with dedicated applications that can help you create stunning pieces of art on your computer by providing you with relevant tools.

One of the applications described above is Sketchable, as it can help you create high-quality projects by offering you a wide range of tools.

Stylish user interface

This application comes with a smooth user interface that packs various functions, which can be accessed with minimum efforts even by computer novices or users that do not have previous experience with similar programs.

A standard configuration menu is also provided to you. Here you can adjust a few settings and tune the program so that its capabilities suit your needs better.

Turn your PC into a sketchpad

You can rely on Sketchable if you want to create artworks on your computer in an efficient manner. Once you open it, you can access the sketchbook and either create a new project or take a look at the already existing ones, to get a hint of what this application is capable of in the right hands.

The editor screen provides you with various features that can help you create your project without efforts. Among the tools mentioned above you can find a brush, an airbrush, a pencil, a marker, a pen, an inking nib, a chalk piece and a tortillon tool. Changing the color can be done by either clicking the corresponding tile according to your preferences, but you can also use the eyedropper or the palette tool.

Features sketchbook and lets you change the paper’s texture

Additionally, you can modify the texture of the paper you are drawing on by clicking the appropriate tiles in the side menu and choosing another pattern from the list. It is also possible to mirror the image horizontally, desaturate it and rotate it if needed.

Using the book button on the top toolbar takes you to the sketchbook that lets you access all of your projects along with various details about them, such as creation date, stats (such as brush or eraser strokes, undos or redos), and the date it was last modified.

Handy drawing tool that features several auxiliary functions

In conclusion, Sketchable is a reliable drawing application that lets you create high-quality projects on your computer by offering you a broad range of useful tools. It comes with a smooth user interface, packs intuitive functions and features a sketchbook where you can store and access your projects efficiently.

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