SKyscraperFX for SketchUp and AutoCAD

Easily create 3D skyscrapers in SketchUp Make and, optionally, work in tandem with AutoCAD by porting 2D design data, with this easy-to-use utility.

  • SKyscraperFX for SketchUp and AutoCAD
  • Version :1.1.7
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SKyscraperFX

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SKyscraperFX for SketchUp and AutoCAD Description

Even though 3D modeling applications are more accessible than ever before, you still need quite a bit of experience to create anything noteworthy. However, you can take advantage of third-party tools that automate the process to a certain degree and make your job a lot easier.

SKyscraperFX for SketchUp and AutoCAD is a handy utility that enables even complete novices to model skyscrapers and cities in SketchUp Make. Additionally, it is capable of porting AutoCAD 2D drawing data to speed up the design process.

Only requires SketchUp Make, but can also take advantage of AutoCAD

First off, it is worth noting that the application is available in two versions, one meant to be used only with SketchUp Make, and another that can also port data from AutoCAD.

The evaluation version available for download includes both versions in one application, so that you can test each of them and decide which is best suited for your projects.

Intuitive tool that can help you create skyscrapers in SketchUp Make

SKyscraperFX for SketchUp and AutoCAD is designed to simplify the modeling process, making it possible for inexperienced users to create skyscrapers and cityscapes in minutes.

Objects are modeled based on 2D base geometry FX files saved to the standard TXT format. Once imported, the utility ports these points and adds various effects to create buildings in the SketchUp Make model space. This is done by sending commands to the Ruby Console, which needs to be in focus at all times.

Work with SketchUp Make and AutoCAD at the same time

The application also enables you to translate AutoCAD 2D polyline, circle and line drawing data to create a 3D model in SketchUp Make from a base 2D design.

Of course, a wide range of advanced parameters can be altered, so even experts can take advantage of this utility, as numerous design variations are possible.

What’s more, if both SketchUp Make and AutoCAD are required for the same project, you can avoid exporting and importing data manually, thus speeding up the modeling process.

In conclusion, SKyscraperFX for SketchUp and AutoCAD is a powerful tool that can help designers create intricate 3D skyscrapers and cityscapes in SketchUp Make. It is remarkably novice-friendly, and it can also port 2D drawing data from AutoCAD.

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