Monitor and control printing for local or network printers with this comprehensive application that lets you customize various settings.

  • ObjectPrint
  • Version :4.3.1701
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Fitosoft Inc

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ObjectPrint Description

If you’re working in a company that relies on printers most of the time, you probably heard of network printers and understand their efficiency in saving space and energy.

However, managing them is another part of the story and, without appropriate software assistance, doing so wouldn’t be possible or would be highly difficult. ObjectPrint is one of the applications that can help you in this situation.

Easy to install

Deploying this utility to your computer can be accomplished without significant efforts, as it comes with an intuitive setup wizard that guides the entire process step by step.

However, you can choose between Express and Custom installation modes, the first one being the quick way of setting up the application, while the second one enables you to customize some of its parameters and is recommended for advanced users.

Web-based interface

Unlike other applications, ObjectPrint does not come with a standalone interface, but a web-based one. Therefore, you need to have a supported web browser installed on your computer in order to run this program as intended.

After installing the application, it will be launched automatically, so there’s no need for you to search for its executable. Also, a desktop shortcut is created for easy access.

Monitor and manage printing activities

This program can help you monitor and manage printing activities on your network in an easy manner. You can decide which user has access to which printer, enable or disable network printers and create servers.

Additionally, it is possible to create groups of users for easier management, enable certain computers on your network to access the service and generate reports regarding daily printing activities that you can export to CSV or HTML formats, depending on your needs.

Handy printing service management and monitoring tool

All things considered, ObjectPrint is a reliable application that can help you manage and monitor printing activities on your network without considerable efforts. It can be easily installed on the target computer, comes with a web-based interface and lets you customize various settings.

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