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A practical office suite to help compose files, structure the data in spreadsheets and charts, as well as plan future meetings, and monitor the clipboard.

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Crystal Office Description

Crystal Office is a feature-rich application that comes bundled with five independent utilities to help grab the copied content from the clipboard, create customized documents, reports, and resumes.

Pick what app you need for your work

In addition, you can plan your daily activities, organize essential information in spreadsheets, and structure work projects in summarized priority levels. Right from the start, you have the option to choose what tools you want to be installed, and what file formats should be associated with each app.

Make unique letters or drafts and personalize them with pictures

NotePro adopts a similar stylish and accessible interface just like Microsoft Word in it’s older versions. Like any other word processor, you can open existing records from the computer, personalize your text with font types, colors, and styles, as well as insert basic tables, bullet/number lists, pictures, geometrical shapes, and hyperlinks. In addition, you can do simple mathematical operations, and add special symbols. The output may be saved in RTF, TXT, DOC, and WRI.

Schedule assignments and check upcoming ones

DayMate helps you plan personal or work-related appointments with the help of a daily, weekly or yearly calendar. The day-to-day calendar offers the option to schedule meetings at specific hours. To do so, you have to fill in the name, type (e.g. notification, shutdown, check mail), date and time, recurrence if necessary, and a message. Plus, you can choose a specific icon, set a reminder, and pick the desired sound.

Calculate values using the integrated functions and make complex data tables

CellPro brings a similar layout with the older versions of Microsoft Excel, and comes in handy when you want to create spreadsheets with important data, and do complex functions with the aid of the built-in formulas (sum, true/false, exponential, logarithm). What’s more, you can generate graphical representations, using 3D bars, pies or diagrams. Plus, the content can be personalized with unique colors and fonts. The output is saved as XLS and exported as CSV format.

Make basic structural charts for a better management

ChartPro comes with only the essential elements to provide a simple and quick method to create hierarchical maps, suitable for organizing information, and generating employee structures. Sadly, the forms can’t be moved to the center of the page or any other location within the panel. You can use images and hyperlinks to describe the chart better. What’s more, you have to option to change their shape to a rectangle, ellipse or diamond and customize their look.

Record all the clipboard activity and sort the information in groups

Last but not least, Clip Plus main purpose is to monitor the Windows clipboard and store in its database, all the copied links, text or images. Separate categories can be made to easily organize the content, as well as make the app capture the clipboard while you’re working on the PC. Plus, the items are displayed along with their name, size, date and time.

In conclusion

The bottom line is that Crystal Office is a reliable and user-friendly suite that comes packed with five individual tools to offer you complete and professional ways to compose documents, reports, create charts and spreadsheets, as well as manage your daily work and meetings, efficiently.

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