Improve the way you work with Marlin-based 3D printers with the help of this comprehensive and very user-friendly, Electron-based app.

  • PraControl
  • Version :2.0.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Pravdomil

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PraControl Description

Thanks to the impressive boom of IoT-related microcontrollers, kits, and devices, building your own 3D printer is now easier than ever.

And, of course, you cannot build your own 3D printer without at least three main components, a motherboard, a firmware and some sort of controller capable of handling the communication between them.

User-friendly utility for managing and configuring Marlin-based 3D printers

Marlin is a lightweight firmware designed especially for Arduino-based, 3D printers.

Aiming to improve your overall user experience with Marlin-based 3D printers, PraControl is an Electron-based and modern app that allows you to thoroughly configure your 3D printers within its straightforward user interface.

Quick to install and easy to get work with

You can get started with the utility in practically no time as it does not require any type of installation. Simply download it, unzip its package and launch it via the appropriate executable file.

You are bound to discover a no-frills and very intuitive UI that makes it quite effortless for you to quickly send Gcodes to your 3D printer, while still offering you advanced configuration settings.

Novice-accessible and intuitive UI

The app’s features are neatly organized in a couple of self-explanatory menus (Control, Console, Remote, 2.5D, Shortcuts, and Modules) which, in turn, are stacked together in the top toolbar.

The Control menu is by far the most comprehensive one, offering you the possibility to connect your printers, control all sorts of position, temperature and movement settings, as well as some other miscellaneous options.

Send gCodes to your 3D printers with no more than a few mouse clicks

All in all, PraControl is a modern and useful piece of software that allows you to control, manage and thoroughly configure your Arduino and Marlin-based 3D printers without having to write even a single line of code.

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