Stay up to date with your favorite TV shows, movies or documentaries, by creating a digital collection, track episodes or find subtitles.

  • Novaroma
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  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Novaroma Project

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Novaroma Description

Novaroma is a simple to use application that allows you to watch your favorite movies and track episodes for TV shows or documentaries. The program allows you to create collections, organize them on your computer, as well as download subtitles files in various languages.

Watch your favorite TV series

Novaroma allows you to find and track your favorite shows, both concluded and currently airing. The powerful searching engine allows you to find movies, series and documentaries based on their title and offers you several options, ordered by their popularity.

The program acquires information such as poster, IMDb rating, episode guide (when available) or release date, after selecting the desired title. You may also insert several filters, such as video quality or keywords.

Novaroma also features a function that allows it to automatically acquire new episodes, when available. Moreover, you can save each TV show/movie to a separate folder on your computer, in order to effectively organize them.

Video discovering function

Novaroma features a powerful searching function which allows you to find movies, TV shows or documentaries, based on several criteria. The title, year range, IMDb rating, votes or runtime are a few examples of the filters you can set. You may also create a complex genre parameter, in which to select several options.

Novaroma allows you to add several files to the collection, including movies / TV shows that are already stored on your computer. It can easily download artwork, rating, cast information and release date.

Useful digital media agenda

Novaroma works as an effective movie organizer, allowing you to store all the titles on a single page and watch them at any time. The software allows you to track episodes or discover shows based on complex filters. Moreover, thanks to the auto-download features, you can easily keep up with your favorite movies or series.

NOTE: ĀµTorrent is automatically installed with Novaroma.

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