InstaPic for Windows 10

Explore an inspiring collection of pictures and connect with your friends online using this Instagram client designed to offer a full-featured experience.

  • InstaPic for Windows 10
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InstaPic for Windows 10 Description

It is hard not to notice a worldwide cultural tendency towards visual expression. In fact, it has been a poignant inclination in the last few decades, with people starting to show increased interest in imagery to the detriment of other, more traditional forms of communication.

Pictures have thus become a socially encouraged form of speech, and technology has kept up with this phenomenon. Among the applications designed to exploit this particular episode in our evolution is InstaPic, which, as its name hints, is an Instagram client.

Opens the door to an impressive visual experience

At this point in time, speaking about Instagram could seem redundant. We all know that it is a social network service that works as an image- and video-sharing mobile platform, enabling access to an incommensurable database.

InstaPic is here to ease access to this impressive collection of photos on Windows 10 computers and let you browse through inspiring compilations that could be the starting point of great discussions with your friends online.

Features a polished interface

The app refrains from coming up with a crowded interface, which is evidently a plus since the only thing that catches your eye is – as it should be – the very content you want to explore.

Its menu is as straightforward as can be and comprises a series of buttons allowing you access to elementary actions, such as searching for new people to follow based on popularity, location, or tags, letting you check out your own activity, or simply randomly looking for stunning photos.

Packs a remarkable collection of features

Of course, you can come up with images of your own, which can be done either by employing your webcam or by taking a tour of the stock you have on your PC.

The first step you need to take once you decide to show the world what an awesome photographer you are is to crop your image.

At this point, a collection of nice filters are displayed, with the mention that you get to simultaneously see the original and the edited version and make a comparison between the two of them.

As expected, adding a caption as well as a location and tagging people come to provide some context to your image.

Does not neglect the social element

As for the social component of this program, InstaPic provides you with all the basic options, such as liking and commenting on pictures, but also other complex features like sending images in Direct Message or Stories and Unsending Direct Messages, among others.

Beautiful app that lets you experience Instagram’s possibilities

All in all, InstaPic is a thorough application that should give you a good taste of a complete Instagram experience. Its interface is responsive and beautifully organized, and it bundles a great deal of features that make it highly interactive so that you can feel that you are participating in a global phenomenon.

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