A reliable and useful software solution that can help you explore all the images with EXIF that are stored within your browser’s cache.

  • WebCacheImageInfo
  • Version :1.22
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Nir Sofer

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WebCacheImageInfo Description

When you browse the web, your browser records a great part of the websites you visit and stores the information so as to enable you to access it faster at a later time (as it reduces the loading time). It also logs the images you stumble across and using WebCacheImageInfo, you can explore them as well.

The application does not require any installation and you can start enjoying its functions within seconds after you downloaded it – but first, you need to allow it to scan your browsers’ logs so as to retrieve all the JPEG images that come with EXIF.

The graphic interface is both user-friendly and intuitive so you can preview each found image and analyze its EXIF data (Exchangeable image file format).

WebCacheImageInfo enables you to examine data such as the browser that stores the image and its URL, as well as the software used to create the graphic file.

Additionally, if the image was captured using a camera, you can also view the camera model and manufacturer, along with the exact time and date when the picture was taken or when it was last modified.

If you are a tech-savvy user who likes to install browsers in custom locations, you will need to define each of these folders in the Advanced Options window of WebCacheImageInfo in order to make sure the app functions properly. In other words, you get the possibility to specify a different Web cache folder for Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

To wrap it up, WebCacheImageInfo can help both beginners and experts analyze the JPEG images stored within their browser’s cache, as long as the feature EXIF data. They can save several lines and export them to TXT, CSV, HTML or XML.

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