NetCamCenter Professional

Powerful surveillance toolset that enables you to control and record the feed from several IP cameras, also allowing video broadcasting.

  • NetCamCenter Professional
  • Version :3.07.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Webcam Corp.

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NetCamCenter Professional Description

NetCamCenter Professional is a reliable surveillance software solution, which enables you to monitor a multitude of IP cameras, depending on the underlying hardware. The application is capable of high performance video surveillance, recording or broadcasting and allows you to store the videos for a long time.

Professional surveillance tool

NetCamCenter Professional offers you a series of powerful tools, for remote control over IP cameras. The number of devices that you can supervise depends on the hardware configuration and the software options. The application’s structure allows it to utilize every core/processor and all the available memory.

The application allows you to record the video feed from each and every camera, as well as store it on your hard drive. Unlike the other editions, NetCamCenter Basic and NetCamCenter Free, this application allows you to keep the video recordings on your computer for an unspecified period of time, limited by the amount of space on the disk. Alternatively, you can automatically store them in the cloud drive or using the built-in Web server.

Recording modes

NetCamCenter Professional allows you to start or stop the recording for each of the cameras individually, at any time. It supports several types of recording: continuous, scheduled, motion detection or manual. Moreover, it offers support for a multi-monitor configuration and automatically generates thumbnails for simultaneous feed viewing.

Additionally, you can create several usernames, with afferent passwords, in order to ensure quick access and control to specific cameras. Not only can you view the live feed from the cameras, if they are online, but you may also watch the playback over the Internet.

Suitable surveillance tool

NetCamCenter Professional offers you support for advanced surveillance in institutions, but also video streaming for meetings or lectures in schools and businesses. You can also integrate the feed on a website and allow visitors to view your stores, or use it for research purposes, for continuous monitoring. You can also view the feed from a mobile phone or tablet.

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