NetCamCenter CamNebula Free

A simple to use application that allows you to monitor and record the feed from several IP cameras or video servers, at the same time.

  • NetCamCenter CamNebula Free
  • Version :3.07.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Webcam Corp.

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NetCamCenter CamNebula Free Description

NetCamCenter CamNebula Free is a reliable video surveillance tool, which allows you to easily monitor IP cameras, video servers, video encoders and other devices. The application enables you to monitor several video/audio live feeds from up to 4 cameras, in parallel or alternatively.

Webcam configuration and capabilities

NetCamCenter CamNebula Free displays the main feed in its interface, but it also allows you to split the screen into several regions, each corresponding to one of the configured devices. The column on the left displays the available camera slots or the connected devices, if that is the case.

The application supports capturing the video feed from IP cameras or USB-connected webcams. It can easily calculate the bandwidth usage for each of the cameras and offers you a set of quick commands that you can access by right click on the image. Moreover, you can change the layout of the video areas, to window, application or kiosk modes.

Netwrok cameras and storage areas

NetCamCenter CamNebula Free supports capturing feed from several cameras, either remote devices or local webcams, using a H.264 decoder. The application allows you to also record the video feed and save it to a local folder or to a cloud drive, for a limited time, via the CamNebula service.

Moreover, you can automate the recording, by creating a recurrent schedule for each day of the week. You may also set a regular time interval at which the software is automatically recording a new video. Moreover, you can easily start/stop the video recording, using the shortcut in the context menu.

Reliable program for remote camera monitoring

NetCamCenter CamNebula Free is a simple to use and reliable application which allows you to monitor remote spaces, from one computer. The application supports up to 4 simultaneous feeds, which you can view in parallel or alternatively. A command panel allows you to switch between cameras with one click.

NOTE: You need to register to CamNebula for a free serial key, in order to activate the recording function. For more functions, you can try NetCamCenter and NetCamCenter Professional.

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