An easy to use and lightweight application that enables you to quickly fill in the employee details required for filling in Form 16 documents.

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MyForm16signer Description

Form 16 is an accounting term that refers to the income tax certification that provides proof that TDS has been deducted from the employee’s salary. The certificate is comprised of two parts, namely part A that displays information about the employee and respectively, part B that provides a detailed breakup of the salary paid.

MyForm16signer is an application designed to simplify the work of your accountants by providing them with the means to generate Form 16 documents in a matter of seconds.

Comes with minimalistic, wizard-like interface

The setup is quick, straightforward and does not require any special attention on your part. Upon launch, you come face to face with a rugged and unpolished splash screen that displays the primary two functions of the application, namely Generate and Merge Form 16.

The role of the utility is to help you extract the data referring to the salary paid along with the taxes during the last year to the employees. You will be happy to learn that the tool retrieves the salary breakdown from Excel files, fills in the data in a ready-to-upload file and allows you to sign it digitally, all in one go.

It can only generate the Part B of Form 16

It is important to note that the program’s functionality is to generate the Part of the income tax certificate only. The Part A that features various details about the employer and employee, such as TAN, PAN, names, addresses, assessment year and the unique TDS certificate number, cannot be generated with this app.

Nevertheless, considering that the information on this section is relatively fixed, there is a chance you already have these documents readily available and have used them before. Consequentially, the app only accepts Part A in a PDF file format. If this is the case, then you can use them to merge them with the Part B you generate without too much hassle.

A tool that can be helpful for any accountant

In case you want to lend a hand to your accounting department and save them precious time they could be using focusing on other financial data that might be more relevant for your business, then MyForm16signer could help you generate Form 16 documents painlessly.

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